• Black Jack - LSC

    Black Jack - an almost black large semi cactus growing to 2 metres on dark foliage.  A big dahlia in every sense!

  • Cafe au Lait

    Cafe au Lait - Giant Decorative and the wedding dahlia!

    Sought by brides wherever dahlias grow for pastel palette weddings.

  • Perle von Potzleinsdorf

    Perle von Potzleinsdorf - Medium cactus, pink with strong stems growing to 2 metres.

  • Taratahi Ruby

    Taratahi Ruby - Small decorative waterlily.  A brilliant scarlet with a soft golden glow from the centre. 

  • Chat Noir
  • A C Shannon

    Vibrant red and yellow bi-colour medium catus.

  • Hand Tied Bouquet

    Hand tied bouquet, order and collect from the Dahlia Farm.